AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-18Implemented The last edge case of encoding common plane blocksHEADprimaryJohnathan Roatch
2020-11-17Fixed issue that corrupted encoding files larger then the IO bufferJohnathan Roatch
2020-11-17Added comprehensive test file for decodingJohnathan Roatch
2020-11-17Finaly fixed up the order of the first 4 example tilesJohnathan Roatch
2020-11-17Some documentation, and fixed bug with common plane matchingJohnathan Roatch
2020-11-06Rewrite to separate out into a single file libJohnathan Roatch
2019-10-23The core donut_decompress_block now does not auto advance addressJohnathan Roatch
2019-08-14Undocumented --interleaved-dont-care-bits optionJohnathan Roatch
2019-07-01cleanupsJohnathan Roatch
2019-06-13Added bytes read return value in 6502 decoder.Johnathan Roatch
2019-05-29Reworked buffering to fully process files with many blank tiles.Johnathan Roatch
2019-05-28Fixed bug in common plane block encoding.Johnathan Roatch
2019-05-28Removed auto concatenate and replaced "-" filenames with stdio optionJohnathan Roatch
2019-04-06flip_plane_bits_135 speedupJohnathan Roatch
2019-03-28Added cycle limiter option.Johnathan Roatch
2019-03-07Hacked in decode support for common plane blocks in PythonJohnathan Roatch
2019-03-06Refactored common plane blocks encoding.Johnathan Roatch
2019-02-27C encoder now encodes common plane blocks.Johnathan Roatch
2019-02-25Added a common plane block mode.Johnathan Roatch
2019-02-15tiny optimizationJohnathan Roatch
2019-02-15Swapped the M and L bits, for conceptual consistency.Johnathan Roatch
2019-02-12Misc stability changesJohnathan Roatch
2019-02-11Fixed check for file existence with older then C11 stdio.Johnathan Roatch
2019-02-11C version encoding implementedJohnathan Roatch
2019-02-08Removed "duplicate" block type, and rearranged the header bits.Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-18close stdin and stdout when not in use.Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-08Changed the buffering strategy to fixed I/O blocks.Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-04Fixed buffer overwriting glitch for real.Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-04Fixed buffer overwriting glitch.Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-04C version: decoding works, but there's some buffer haddleing glitches in the ...Johnathan Roatch
2019-01-02Decoding partialy worked out.Johnathan Roatch
2018-12-31Block writing in C version is now working.Johnathan Roatch
2018-12-26More boilerplate, decided to take control of my own file buffering.Johnathan Roatch
2018-12-12Boilerplate of the C version of the encoder.Johnathan Roatch
2018-11-30Removed stray load at end of block decompression.Johnathan Roatch
2018-10-24fixed bug with --no-prev optionJohnathan Roatch
2018-10-22Improved processing of don't care bitmapsJohnathan Roatch
2018-10-19Fixed StopIteration leaking from generatorsJohnathan Roatch
2018-10-19Update to current version from Action 53.Johnathan Roatch
2018-10-19Initial commitJohnathan Roatch